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Electronic Customer Relationship Management   Alireza Miremadi and Shirin Ranjbar Toutouee

Electronic Customer Relationship Management

120 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In fact the term of consumer has a variety range of meaning in their heart, we must know who is our respondent when we want to use this term; internal consumer (our employee) or external consumers, the bodies who are loyal to our organization or who just have routine transaction. This attitude could be acceptable in past, but at this time by an increase in the volume of providers and competition atmosphere of economic, fulfillment of consumers' desires or needs is not enough. This millennium could be named as a world of relationship and connection which these two terms impacts on each of our business and daily life dimensions, in the world of marketing , consumer relationship management (CRM) was the notion that introduced in 1995 and emphasize on the importance of one to one interaction
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