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Unmasking Sexual Harassment In The Workplace   Samson Mutsagondo

Unmasking Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is deafening silence about sexual harassment in the workplace, the boardrooms and courts of law. Does this mean the vice is not taking place? Oh no! Sexual harassment is happening everywhere and all the time. However, the crime has for long been tolerated, resulting in it not reported and unremedied. There is overwhelming evidence that sexual harassment is taking place. It is committed both knowingly and unknowingly. Now is the time victims and human rights protagonists stand up and make their voices heard. This exposition unmasks the crime and suggests the way forward. United, the world can conquer the vice and make the workplace a good and safe haven conducive to the achievement of organizational goals. This book can be of use to college and university students pursuing studies in management, sociology, gender studies, social conflict studies, business and public administration.
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