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Optimal Project & Procurement Management   Dionysios Anastasopoulos

Optimal Project & Procurement Management

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This paper considers a new approach for project resource management. Commonly used techniques for project scheduling are currently based on users making implicit resource allocations in initially defining the duration of each of the project’s activities. This creates "blocks" of time and resource that allocation techniques must then try to evenly balance or optimize. This technique faces several problems, such as resource overloading resources or imbalances in time and resource scheduling. The main cause of these, is that the project scheduling does not dependent on the resources available. As a result, some tasks might not be feasible because there are simply not enough resources for its on-time accomplishment. Also, there might be resources that are not used in some steps of the project, causing several problems. The solution developed is already studied. It refers to the scheduling of the projects based on the resources available for its accomplishment. All the project activities...
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