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Approach Development to Derive Value-Based Requirements Specification   Xinwei Zhang

Approach Development to Derive Value-Based Requirements Specification

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recently, customer-based product development is becoming a popular paradigm. Customer expectations and needs are identified and transformed into requirements for product design with the help of various methods and tools. However, in many cases, these models fail to focus on the perceived value that is crucial when customers make the decision of purchasing a product. In this book, a prescriptive approach to support value-based requirements engineering is proposed, describing the foundations, procedures and initial applications in the context of requirements engineering for commercial aircraft. An integrated set of techniques, such as means-ends analysis, part-whole analysis and multi-attribute utility theory is introduced in order to understand customer values. Technically, this enables identifying the implicit value, structuring logically collected statements of customer expectations, and performing value modelling and simulation. Additionally, it helps to put in place a system to...
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