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Turnover Intention of Employees in Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan   Syed Mukhtar Ahmed Jilani

Turnover Intention of Employees in Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pakistan, being a developing country, has to meet many challenges including high rate of productivity in all sectors. However, many organizations face problem in meeting this objective due to high turnover rate caused by lower level of job satisfaction. This research was conducted in an effort to find out reasons for lower level of job satisfaction and its relationship with turnover intention in context of Pakistani culture. The study also aimed at finding out the most suitable ethical climate for dealing with role conflict, role ambiguity and emotional exhaustion. Various analyses of data collected from 201 respondents of telecom sector of Pakistan were done to find out relationships between different variables. Findings of the research suggest that emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction have significant relationship with turnover intention. Also, egoistic ethical climate has significant relationship with role conflict and role ambiguity. The findings can prove to be useful to...
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