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Motivation to become entrepreneurs   Albert Paulose

Motivation to become entrepreneurs

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The central thesis of the book examines the factors motivating Indian immigrants to strive to become entrepreneurs in New Zealand. It reveals several issues behind their desire to succeed in this endeavour. The study discovered that the interviewees were motivated by several factors such as: money; seeing a gap in the market and wanting to fill it; the need for a change; to make a living; to get more flexibility with their time; lowered job satisfaction as an employee; and lowered access to good jobs. Most of the motivating factors experienced by these Indian immigrant entrepreneurs are similar to entrepreneurs in general and are both positive and negative. New Zealand lacks documented research on two aspects of entrepreneurship. Firstly, it lacks research evidence about the general immigrant entrepreneurship; secondly it lacks research evidence about the motivations of immigrant entrepreneurs. This book is the first research on Indian immigrants’ motivations for...
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