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The role of HRM Practices in Successful Organizational Change   Homa Hassan Rezaeian

The role of HRM Practices in Successful Organizational Change

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
One of the most difficult problems organizations face is dealing with change. In today's rapidly changing, highly competitive environment, the ability to change rapidly, efficiently, and almost continually will distinguish the winners from the losers. But “what role and contribution does Human Resource Management (HRM) make to the process of change management?” This book makes the link between change and human resource practices by studying the role of Human Resource Management in managing change in three organizations in Iran. It is argued that the role of Human Resource management in managing change can be analyzed based on HRM practices which capture the degree of commitment of employees to the change process. This gives rise to the use of HRM practices such as effective communication, participation and negotiation to evoke employee’s commitment during implementation of organizational change. Three case studies illustrate alternative approaches for these HRM practices. Thus, this...
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