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Organisational downsizing   Franco Gandolfi

Organisational downsizing

312 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Corporate downsizing has become a leading strategy of choice for many firms and governmental agencies around the world. The relentless pursuit of increased levels of organisational efficiencies, profitability, and competitiveness has produced major layoffs and redundancies. Euphemistic terms, including rightsizing, resizing, and restructuring commonly appear in the popular press. As a goal- oriented management tool, downsizing has transformed entire economies and industries, changed hundreds of thousands of organisations, and profoundly affected the lives of tens of millions of employees, as well as thousands of managers and their families, around the world. This book provides an extensive examination of the role and significance of the training and development (T&D) function in the Australian banking industry. The insights gained from this book represent an invaluable resource and tool for corporate executives, policy-makers, researchers, consultants, and social...
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