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The Effect of Global Advertisement on Brand Image in Laptop Industry   Abdolrazagh Madahi and S. Moosavi

The Effect of Global Advertisement on Brand Image in Laptop Industry

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Advertisements are a form of communication, not mere manipulation: they help make sense of the world, defining its difference and essences, filtering through its variety, making claims and constructing images. In today’s competitive environment, brand differentiation based on tangible attributes is difficult to achieve. Consumers purchase products/brands not only because of their or quality but more importantly, because of the symbolic meanings contained in products/ brands. To address this issue, the current study tries to explore how attitude towards global advertisement may affect a company brand image in laptop industry. The questionnaires had been distributed to test the model of this study among customers in Malaysia. The findings revealed strong relative explanatory power of attitude towards global advertisement over brand image. Furthermore, a special class of advertisement based perceptual variables such as attitude toward advertisement, attitude toward advertiser,...
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