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Managing Strategic Change   Javed Iqbal

Managing Strategic Change

476 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managing change has been a major concern for managers since long time because socio-economic changes create opportunities or pose threats. For instance, ‘credit crunch'' emerged from unknown factors. The successful managers were those who managed the crisis. The theory of ‘survival of the fittest'' remained true; the fittest were those who coped with the change. Managers draw on how change agents had introduced change. This book provides a detailed exemplar from real world; BAe implemented a successful radical change initiative to improve its internal efficiency and enhance competitiveness. The company increased process efficiency by up to 79% and gained leadership in the European industry. A phased framework has been applied for the analysis of the case study with a qualitative research design; it provides theoretical support on the subject as well. A careful application of the material presented here can enable managers to introduce change programmes with similar reasons as to...
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