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Dairy Industrialization   Jignesh Shah

Dairy Industrialization

164 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Population growth, urbanization, rising income levels and changes in the life style have fuelled a massive increase in demand for foods of animal origin in the developing countries. The combination of increased demand, rising human population and space constraints result in the structural changes in supply side. This book covers the entire spectrum of livestock and dairying in India and Gujarat state in terms of trends in milk production and availability, milk demand, milk consumption pattern, agricultural land and dairy animal ownership, rural employment, etc. Gujarat state is one of the prominent states witnessing dairy industrialization. The districts of the state are stylized and set of districts demonstrating dairy intensification are isolated. These districts are reconfirmed through development of composite index using different socio-economic indicators. At micro level, the household level changes in rural areas are mapped. It would be a useful work for...
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