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Effects of Gender Basics and Patriarchal Attitudes on Management   Amir Bavarsad Omidian,Hooman Hajati and Nariman Bavarsad Omidian

Effects of Gender Basics and Patriarchal Attitudes on Management

108 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is an outcome of research carried out for 3 years at Department of Commerce,Bharati vidyapeeth University of Pune. Nowadays, more concerns regarding manager’s gender and its incidence on the organization are generated. In this context an empirical study on a sample of 600 SME’s analyzing manager’s gender effect on the organizational culture. In order to identify the organizational culture Cameron and Quinn’s (2006)15 classification is used. Those they that directly related to the unequal distribution of power and to the asymmetrical relationships that exist between men and women in our society, which perpetuate the devaluation of women and their insubordination to men. Gender-based violence can take many forms it depends on the on the type of relationship the context and the type of the power being exerted, so crimes are categorized as rape incest, sexual harassment at work or at school, sexual violence against women detainees or prisoners acts of displaced women,...
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