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Megalomania in Dubai?   Sinsupa Sagerklint

Megalomania in Dubai?

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this study, Dubai is the case the author selects to explore the phenomenon of largescale public entrepreneurship. In the world today, public individuals, institutes, and enterprises are acting as though they are running firms; taking high risks, innovating, creating their owns opportunities, and unsurprisingly— competing. The facts that they are policy?makers, which have authorities to impose or even distort their own economies emerges a concern, what is the appropriate entrepreneurship level in the public sector? ‘Megalomania'' is a word that ‘means madness marked by delusions of wealth or power''. Is there megalomania in Dubai? In this investigation, the author observes that failing to recognize its resources and capacities on driving a too ambitious economic growth is chaos. The consequences are that it risks collapse its own economy, and most likely, under such a scenario, cause spillover effects to its stakeholders at large.
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