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Appraisal & Motivation Techniques in Distributed Agile Teams   Chris Steele

Appraisal & Motivation Techniques in Distributed Agile Teams

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Reconciling the concurrent trends in software development towards distributed teams and agile development methodologies is a complicated task, and is difficult to complete successfully without compromise. While leading authorities have attempted to do so, there has been very little research done in the area of how these techniques affect employee motivation to succeed and work in a collaborative environment, nor in how the techniques help or hinder the employee appraisal process - a critical component in the employee relations of many large organizations, and one to which the waterfall development methodology often seems better-suited, with or without the additional complications of distributed environments. Here Chris shares exactly how some of the most popular solutions for handling this problem fare in the real world, backed up by empirical data and tests.
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