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Corporate Profitability   FREDERICK NWOSU

Corporate Profitability

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Companies pay attention to their product mix. They also pay attention to their marketing mix. That philosophy is rather encompassing. Current and future executives are to borrow a leaf and develop a knack for searching for the mix in their everyday business activities. The pertinent question to ask oneself is “what factors affect this process?” This should then be applied to products, business relationships, production plans, budgets, mergers and acquisitions, new developments, current and future economies, and all issues that come to mind, as far as they are likely to affect the organization''s business activities. This means, therefore, that cause and effect cannot be ruled out in virtually every human endeavor. Corporate profitability is presented here as dependent upon the KSDR Mix – Knowledge Management, Succession Planning, Decision-Making and Risk Analysis. Companies and their executives always take critical look at everything that has a tendency to affect ...
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