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Career Commitment in Film Production   Michael Jones

Career Commitment in Film Production

232 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a grounded theory study of the Australian Film Industry by examining the performance effectiveness of production workers. The issue arose because film workers perceived their rewards to be inadequate and incommensurate with their work efforts. The study looks at career commitment (CC), examining factors that commit workers to their industry. The study finds eight CC factors which work to maintain worker commitment. These factors – job satisfaction, self-esteem, Hollywood factor, collegiality, autonomy, cost of leaving, volition and roles states – work individually and in combination to provide worker equity and thus facilitate CC. This research makes a contribution to knowledge in several ways. 1) The research fills a large gap in the research literature. 2) The research provides insights into the role of CC. Together these provide a clear and focused understanding of the role of CC, and its effect on workers. 3) This research provides some practical guidance for...
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