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Commuinty of Practice, Knowledge Creation, & Corporate Sustainability   Ralla Al Azali

Commuinty of Practice, Knowledge Creation, & Corporate Sustainability

408 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Kingdom of Bahrain is a service-based economy in which the service industry is a highly competitive market environment. Therefore, organisations require employing strategies to compete and sustain their competitive advantage in order to survive. Communities of practice (CoPs) provide a suitable environment for knowledge exchange and creation. This study combined qualitative and quantitative approaches to answer the main study question about the role of CoPs existed in Bahrain on corporate sustainability. The findings of the study did not support all the hypotheses developed in this study. From the study findings it is recommended that organisations in Bahrain service industry should develop a knowledge management strategy and implement CoPs to sustain their position in the market. Despite the fact that the study was conducted in Bahrain service organisations, it is suggested that it can be applied to different organisations in various countries across the globe because of its...
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