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Cultural Managers as Intercultural Leaders   Kristina Kuznetsova-Bogdanovitsh

Cultural Managers as Intercultural Leaders

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The intercultural tensions between Estonian-and Russian-speaking population in Estonia persist despite integration activities. The role of arts and cultural management in these activities is central in author's opinion and thus this book should be relevant for anyone working in or connected to the field. While the education process of cultural managers has developed a lot a number of managers still working in the field has received degrees before internationalisation and educational reforms. Nowadays they can profit from the active learning methods and experiential approach. Moreover, if they are aware of the differences in how people learn, then as leaders, managers, mentors, they can support and guide others more appropriately in their work as well as intercultural communication and cooperation. Although this book focuses on the Estonian situation it is equally valuable for diverse cultural contexts due to its cross-disciplinary approach in general and educational perspective in...
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