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The Impact of Ethics on Organizational Management   Carmina Simion Nunes

The Impact of Ethics on Organizational Management

424 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We are certainly living in a rushed civilization, in a world still looking for its meaning, and morality could be associated to the fact of having success in an organization, though this is not a guarantee. Although the practice of ethics means good business, this domain is still being “discovered” in our country, yet one can foresee a rising interest in relation to rationality and humanity in business. Is ethics a crucial phenomenon or problem of the 21st century? Today’s man, living his daily life, faced with the globalization phenomena, is “caught” by this dilemma. Certainly, each one of us is looking for the answer to this question, which denotes deep reflections and has no easy answers. The condition of things is no longer pure, and we are no longer living in an idyllic world.
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