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Motivation   Malimi Masanja Ng'wanabulang'wa


112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Needs produce motives, which lead to the accoplishment of goals. Normally needs are caused by deficiencies, which can be either physical or psychological. Motivation is the stimulus that leads to an action that satisfies the need.Since the primitive era, human being has been strugglling to master his environment. Distibution of labour happened to work as the needs of people increased. People were sharing their prey and any kind of collections they had managed to get. It was to that moment when MOTIVATION seemed to come up. The members were given some extra shares as the motivating factor to perform suplus. This was also apparent at the time of industrial revolution when Fredrick Taylor realized that reward was needed to an individual for high production. It is believed that when an employee will be compensated accordingly the output goes high. In order to prove the role of motivation as the stimulus of surplus production, the book examined the related variables identified in this...
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