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customer relationship management implementation in automobile industry   kamyar kavosh,Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid and Melati Ahmad Anuar

customer relationship management implementation in automobile industry

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Customer relationship management (CRM) has become popular among organizations and firms, hence many have implemented it in order to compete with others and promote their businesses. In CRM implementation, there are barriers, critical success factors and the strategic components that should be determined. A CRM model was used to determine the CRM barriers, critical success factors and show the current implementation of CRM in automobile industry. An example of the difficulties identified is cultural barrier. Besides that, the critical success factors have been recognized. This research also reveals that the most important components of CRM implementation are people, process, and technology. Another contribution of this study is identifying new items such as the in-house or outside trainers. This study shows that in-house trainers are more efficient and effective in training employees for CRM projects. In addition to that, the level of CRM knowledge of trainers is vital in getting the...
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