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Collective Bargaining and Safety Concerns   Dr. Jeffrey S. Weaver

Collective Bargaining and Safety Concerns

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The topic of ‘safety’ has had a great deal of debate for many years. Since the industrial revolution started there have been ideas that safe workplaces are a necessity. Well many times there have been employers whom felt that they were not responsible for the safety of their workers, that it was an employee problem. But times have changed from then until now; it have many laws that reflect the responsibility is on both the employer and the employee. In this writing it will be discussed that ‘safety’ has become a topic that is discussed at many negotiating tables during the collective bargaining process that many organizations cope with today. It will discuss the facts of who are really in control of the safety in the workplace the unions or the management. It will also discuss the ideas and practices that have been adopted by foreign companies and how some of their practices have made there way into our common day practices.
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