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Proactive Planning and Control of Construction Projects   Seokyon Hwang

Proactive Planning and Control of Construction Projects

216 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Construction projects are highly subject to changes. In particular, productivity and costs of construction activities evolve dynamically and stochastically over time. This compels project managers to update existing estimates and plans repeatedly for the planning and control of the future processes. To be effective in doing so, they need to monitor and evaluate productivity and costs frequently and regularly, so as to update the existing plans and implement the updated plans in a timely manner. This book discusses new methods for proactive planning and control via continual forecasting and updating construction productivity and costs. The methods enable practitioners to objectively and accurately predict construction productivity and costs in a timely manner; thereby, they can make more reliable decisions and implement the decisions in a more effective way. Such proactive planning and control ultimately contributes to reducing risk in the future processes, improving collaboration and...
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