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Customer Loyalty in Fast Food Industry   Ashish Singh

Customer Loyalty in Fast Food Industry

60 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With ever increasing competition it has become important for the companies to hold on to their customers. Today, the customers have wide range of option and they are easily available too. The nature of the customer is difficult to predict and hence it is of significant importance that the companies strive hard to maintain customer loyalty. Traditionally customer loyalty was expected out of the product and service offered by the company. But now the horizon of it has expanded. They had start working from within company to the outside world. In order to increase customer loyalty it is important that cross-functional efforts are established. It starts from developing relationship with the customers and then extracting information with the help of information technology and segregating them in order to provide customized product and service for the individuals. This research study primarily focuses on these key elements such as relationship management, use of information ...
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