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Free Time Management and Working Women   S.S.M.Sadrul Huda

Free Time Management and Working Women

64 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study theorizes on the concept of the women''s leisure and examines the situation of the urban working women in Dhaka-Bangladesh. Based on the qualitative approach,this study presents the leisure scenario of the white-collar working women of Bangladesh. The major findings of this research are very similar to other situations prevailing all over the world. The working women have less time for their leisure activities. The women with children face more time constraints than their unmarried counterparts. Though the unmarried working women have no marital obligation but in most cases they are subjected to the obligations of the parental family. In very rare cases,ideal leisure situations are found. A number of socio-economic factors make the situation more complicated. Watching TV, listening to music, reading, visiting friends are viewed as the most common forms of leisure activity for the working women.
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