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Man Power Planning   S.Edwin Christopher and N. Rekha Jain

Man Power Planning

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human Resources is a vital issue in managing an organisation effectively and efficiently and prune it to perfection at every task undertaken in an organisation. With plethora of opportunities available across the globe for qualified and efficient individuals to work, sustaining on the roll employees / man power in the organisation is a herculean task. Hence, a study was conducted to find how Man Power Planning becomes a more defensive tool than a planning tool for managing Human Resources of an organisation, in the present day context as majority of the corporate players are facing the Man Power crunch. Moreover, among the various corporate players in the market, the major crunch of human resources is found in the Information Technology Enabled Services organisation and off late it has rendered the management of these organisations to spend time, money and energy in recruitment and selection than looking at other core areas of exploring in Human Resources Management. The study...
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