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Shell of the elderly-national policy of older people,India   Vivek Mor,Naveen Goel and Manoj Sharma

Shell of the elderly-national policy of older people,India

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ageing is the effect of time on any person, which results in loss of adaptive capacity in the face of internal and external challenges. The reversed sage Manu also spoke about old age in his four stages of life, he said “Vanaprastha” as the final stage of life in which any person follow spiritual growth by leaving home for the forest, also called as the age of renunciation and asceticism. Elderly people required a special policy so that they can live to the fullest without any physical and mental challenges in day to day life, so keeping it in mind Government of India also came with a "National Policy of Older People,1999" in order to promote health and welfare of the Elderly/Senior Citizens.Just like shell this policy is to protect, promote health and welfare of the elderly in this phase of life. This Book is really very beneficial for the Consultant, Policy Makers, Managers, Public Health Professionals and students of Medical colleges as well as Management.
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