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Organizational Justice and Motivation   Mucahit Celik

Organizational Justice and Motivation

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ORGANIZATIONAL JUSTICE AND MOTIVATION - A Case Study At Adiyaman University: Positive economical and political advancements in Turkey in recent years have forwarded employees to meet their third stage and partly fourth stage needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of need. That’s, generally society’s and specifically employees’ physiological needs even their security and safety needs are met; the third stage where acceptance and love needs are to be met and self-actualize stage (career/the fourth stage) are about to be met. In this sense, not putting any obstacles on anyone’s way and smoothing the way for employees who desire to self-actualize, motivating them are dependent on the correct implementation of justice term. So, the self-actualize of workers in public institutions and/or enterprise organizations will be possible through fair applications like giving them equal opportunities.
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