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Measuring & Managing Customer Satisfaction In Non-star Accommodations   Ashish Mathur

Measuring & Managing Customer Satisfaction In Non-star Accommodations

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The five and other star category hotels are generally owned by prominent business houses and managed professionally. In comparisons to five and other star hotels, the financial capacity of the owners of most of the non-star hotels (including heritage hotels, small hotels, paying guest houses and other guest houses) is limited. It adversely affects their capacity and efforts to offer physical structure and other facilities required by tourists. Most of the service providers and other hired staff in non-star hotels are also not exposed to formal education and professional training. Therefore, these non-star hotels may not be able to gain sufficient satisfaction from their guests. In this context, it will be very significant to identify the level of satisfaction of international as well as domestic customers availing accommodation facilities in non-star accommodation facilities in Jodhpur. Keeping this factual situation in view, this research was carried to concentrate on identifying the...
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