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Female Entrepreneurial Networks in Iran   Mona Mirshamsi

Female Entrepreneurial Networks in Iran

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ability to develop and manage effective networks is a crucial entrepreneurial skill necessary for the formation and maintenance of a new enterprise. Social networks have been known to influence entrepreneurial success, given that they provide access to resources. However, relatively less attention has been paid to the networks of female entrepreneurs in general and even far less in developing nations. Theories that emerge from a liberal western context may not apply in traditional nations such as, Iran. Hence, when studying female employment or entrepreneurship, it is imperative to understand the underlining cultural and socioeconomic factors that without a doubt influence these women and their economic activities. This book therefore, presents important insights with regards to the networking activities of female business-owners in Iran and the ways in which these women utilize their networks for the advantage of their companies. The analysis should be particularly useful for...
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