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Managers' Intention to Quit:A Study of Textiles Industry of Pakistan   Sadiya Arif

Managers' Intention to Quit:A Study of Textiles Industry of Pakistan

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Textile sector is one of the most vital sectors in semi-industrialized economies like Pakistan, where the managers play pivotal role. It is an undeniable fact that managers’ turnover intention can be detrimental to the progress as well as survival of any organization; therefore, replacement cost in addition to the consequence of work disruption cannot be taken lightly. A number of factors are considered to be the cause of managers’ low level of motivation that leads to their intention to quit. In order to assess the issues pertaining to managers, an effort has been made to examine the factors impacting managers’ intention to quit and the relationship among organizational commitment, intention to quit, psycho-social support, perceived organizational support and managerial job characteristics. This book therefore provides an integrated model developed by using the structural equation modeling technique (SEM) to test the relationships. Exploratory and confirmatory analyses were...
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