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Blurred Organisational Boundaries and Precarious HRM   Abdullah Sheikh

Blurred Organisational Boundaries and Precarious HRM

288 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Employment agencies have become significant actors in industrial relations, and often play a complex intermediary function within the labour markets. This book provides a thorough insight on ‘pay-rolling'' agencies. Pay-rolling agencies are a particular form of employment intermediaries through which employers attempt to bypass statutory obligations. The existing literature predominantly discusses employment agencies in their traditional legitimate role as these often function in the Western countries. In contrast with the conventional beliefs, analysis in this book, however, confirmed that there is a growing trend for agencies to be simply a sham arrangement resulting in acute marginalization and exploitation of agency workers. This refutes the notion that temporary agency work has arisen entirely organically out of pure economic reasons, rooted in the ‘flexibility thesis''. This enlarges our academic understanding of the reasons for the use of agency employment and also underscores...
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