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Logistics Management   Andrea Caratti,Carlo Rafele and Edwin K. L. Tam

Logistics Management

380 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is focused on finding solutions able to maximize logistic processes efficiency and reduce the impact of transportation on the environment at the same time. The main purposes of the research have been two: finding strategies and methodologies for the reduction of the standard container management complexity and the development of a model for the selection of the optimal container solution both from an economic and environmental perspective. The model has been implemented into a tool able to automate all the computations and evaluations. The outputs of the model/tool have been operationally validated using data obtained from the operations of an American and a European Car Maker Company. The results have illustrated the consistency with real industrial applications and the importance to use a multi-criteria decision making model, like the one developed, to select the optimal solution when the interaction of several parameters make it difficult to predict the overall result.
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