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Privatisation, Governance, and Corporate Performance   Efa Yonnedi

Privatisation, Governance, and Corporate Performance

360 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Thousands of privatisation transactions in nearly hundred countries accross the world has occured over the last decades. The theory of privatisation, as presently developed, is unable to provide an unassailable case to support wholesale privatisation programmes . In practice, privatisation is indeed an extremely complex issue, often accompanied by assertions and criticisms, uncertainty over benefits and costs, and winners and losers.This book offers a unique perpectives on the process of privatisation, governance and organisational changes and corporate performance in a developing country context. Gradual and partial privatisation through share issues privatisations (SIPs) in this book brought about significant organisational changes that transformed privatised firms fundamentally different from SOEs. This ground for the arguments in pursuing privatisation policies through initial public offerings in the stock exchange. In this book, theory and practices of privatisation are...
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