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Global Warming: Linkages With Meat Eating   Shruti Mangal and Mukul Kulshrestha

Global Warming: Linkages With Meat Eating

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Anthropogenic Global Warming is an unprecedented environmental challenge never faced by humans in their known history of existence on this planet. Transportation, Industry and Energy sectors have been well-known human induced contributories to Greenhouse gas emissions, but recently, a much less talked about factor has emerged as a very significant contributor to global warming. This factor, now overshadowing even the entire Transportation sector, is the Livestock sector, primarily the animals reared for Dairy and Meat consumption. The present Book focuses on the emissions that result as a consequence of meat eating, with a case study from the city of Bhopal in India. The Book analyses the field survey results at Bhopal, and discusses them in the context of relevant policy issues. The Book recommends vegetarianism as a significant, scientific way of bringing about a change in lifestyle for mitigating the threat of global warming. The book will be of use to Policy Makers, Planners...
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