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A Psycho-Educational Programme for Business Team Coaches   Jeanette Maritz

A Psycho-Educational Programme for Business Team Coaches

280 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Preventing managerial degeneration has become a corporate priority. Without support and intervention, executives and managers may degenerate personally or derail career-wise at enormous cost to themselves, their companies and the economy. Business managers are subjected to more pressure than ever to produce results, yet they are often promoted through job specific expertise without the emotional intelligence and work-life balance skills necessary to sustain them. Business team coaching provides the gateway to intellectual and emotional support and develops managers. The aim of this qualitative research was to develop a psycho-educational programme for business team coaches to facilitate the mental health of managers. Data were collected through focus groups, individual interviews and naive sketches Data were analysed through an open inductive approach. Based on the results and a literature control a conceptual framework is described as well as the approach to the...
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