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Training and Development Effectiveness:   Ikhlas Altarawneh

Training and Development Effectiveness:

428 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research study aims to explore the current practices, policies and roles of training and development (T&D) within Jordanian banking organisations. It is an exploration of all the issues concerning T&D practices in terms of how the T&D process is conducted (how training needs are assessed, how T&D is delivered and how T&D programmes are evaluated); exploring top managers’, T&D and HRM personnel’s attitudes towards the importance of T&D in improving employees and organisational performance and the strategic position and roles of T&D in their organisations. This study aims to investigate all the problems and challenges that face T&D activities and searches for practical suggestions to improve the effectiveness of these activities. Finally, it aims to contribute to the understanding of HRD in differing cultural contexts. This research is mainly focused on top managers’, T&D and HRM attitudes and viewpoints (perception) towards the research objectives.
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