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Redesigning the Packaging System in Retail Supply Chain by LogiPack   S. Davood Imen and Alireza Keshavarz M.

Redesigning the Packaging System in Retail Supply Chain by LogiPack

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many authors approached packaging without consideration of logistics activities in supply chain, resulting in inefficiency of supply chain. However, recently some researchers have approached this gap in a scientific way, which is called “Packaging Logistics”, an emerging concept. Packaging Scorecard, a packaging performance evaluation tool, is the only available tool that has tried to systematically bridge this gap. Although, Packaging Scorecard can outline the performance of packaging system in distribution flow, the complexity of the chain and less internally reliable methods use in this tool encouraged the authors to develop a new packaging performance evaluation model. In the first step, this innovative model weights the criteria of performance by a more reliable tool called AHP. The criteria are adapted from previous researches. Further, in order to suggest improvements of the packaging systems, Design of Experiment(DOE) is added to the model to evaluate the performance of...
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