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Talent Management- The Imperative   Aviral Tiwari

Talent Management- The Imperative

56 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the organizations have realized the importance of quality manpower, rather than investing in “non-performing cloud”, the “tug-of-war” for the talent has got whistled. It’s like getting the best cavalry on your side, enhancing their expertise, unleashing their hidden potential, motivating, appreciating and thus retaining them by making them realize that they are not just the “add-on”.Talent management is that significant part of the HR that adds spine to the organizational body and makes it stand tall. Since machine power can be well channelized if there is a capable manpower, the vitality of the manpower cannot be denied. In an age, where globalization has brought pool of stalwarts to fight on the same battle ground, important strategy that is being capitalized revolves around getting the best employee and retaining him.
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