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Balanced Scorecard   Mahir Jibril A.

Balanced Scorecard

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ethiopia has been underway at a fast-paced Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surge in tandem with an immense population explosion. If not considered a hasty generalization, I have too witnessed a revamp in peoples’ “consciousness” level since the past couple of years. The country is hosting a not unpromising business boom albeit a skewed one – abnormal competition which is leaving way for huge income disparity. Moreover, the service sector has registered a numerical record growth alongside with its rampant loopholes – pilling of backlogs. The overall institutional capacity of Ethiopia is still far behind the threshold to fulfil the ever mounting economic, social, and political demands of folks. Plagued by an overly monopolization, the consultancy industry is not an exception. The Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) is the leading state owned consultancy and T&D company the country ever have. EMI played a leading role in dealing with a great deal of change initiatives including...
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