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Human Resource Management in Buyer-Supplier Relationships   Marie Koulikoff-Souviron

Human Resource Management in Buyer-Supplier Relationships

312 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is an extensive literature on supply chain collaboration but scant attention has been given to the management of human resources within buyer-supplier relationships. Two case studies of highly interdependent supply relationships were conducted: one an inter-organisational and the other an intra-organisational environment. A total of 84 semi-structured interviews were held with a wide cross-section of employees and managers at multiple levels across the two dyads. Findings highlight the pervasive effects of HR practices and the similarities of inter- and intra-firm contexts, which point to common HR characteristics within supply relationships. Institutional theory was used as a theoretical lens to throw light on the cognitive, normative and regulative mechanisms that underpin the management of HR practices within supply relationships. This research takes a cross-disciplinary approach to highlight the role of HR practices as integration mechanisms in the supply chain.
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