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The role of Packaging in The Marketing Strategy of Pharmaceuticals   Thomas Mathew

The role of Packaging in The Marketing Strategy of Pharmaceuticals

200 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I will restore you to Health and heal your wounds (Jer 30:17) Health is precious for everyone and affects everyone universally. This book gives insights on PACKAGING to - The marketing professional as a viable strategy. - The doctors who are influenced to prescribe the medicine. - The patient for an effective treatment - The trader who displays and stores the product - The child who is fascinated on seeing it - The student who is interested in learning more about it - The researcher who looks at the wide knowledge avenues - The family who expects it to be as useful as the product - The elderly who are appreciative of it - And several others who wonder about it. Indeed pharmaceuticals are used by ALL types of people universally for centuries. The PACKAGE communicates several great values to several users The study shows how the PACKAGE interacts with ANY INDIVIDUAL thus making living ultimately happier
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