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Stress, Job Performance and Satisfaction in Health Institutions   Adedayo Irinoye

Stress, Job Performance and Satisfaction in Health Institutions

256 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The emergence of new diseases has brought new challenges to the health workers. Global disasters both natural and man-made have increased the stress levels of man, thereby affecting their job performance and satisfaction. The emergency nature of medical services put the health workers in a special circumstance that necessitates some acceptable standard of performance. The members of the health team are under ethical obligations to save lives, this motivates the workers to go extra mile in the service of humanity. In this respect, the joy derived from putting smile on the faces of patients in pain gives inner satisfaction to the health workers. This project studied medical doctors and nurses in the hospital setting. These groups of health workers have the knowledge and skill to manage other people’s health to the detriment of theirs. The project identified and examined the sources of employee stress with a view to assisting organizations to reduce operating costs,...
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