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Does Individual Flexibility Matter in Project-Based Organizations?   Francesca Vicentini

Does Individual Flexibility Matter in Project-Based Organizations?

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the last decades, the increasing significance of “projectivization” has stimulated considerable interest in project-based organizations as new economic actors able to introduce a new logic of organizing work and weakening boundaries in favour of networks of collaborations. In these contexts, work is often delegated to project teams. Deciding whom to put on a project team is one of the biggest challenges faced by a project manager; in particular which characteristics rely on to compose and match effective teams. We address this issue, focusing on the individual flexibility, as team composition variable that affects project team performance. The temporary nature of PBOs involves that after achieving the purpose for which team members are enrolled, they are disbanded but their relationships remain, allowing them to be involved in future projects. Pre-existing relationships together with the current relationships create a network of relationships that yields some implications for...
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