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Mentor To Leader   Kandamuru Seshaiah

Mentor To Leader

268 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mentors as thinkers, politicians as rulers, leaders as motivators, entrepreneurs as innovators and managers as synthesizers have been trying to develop people and societies for ages. Mentor and leader are two sides of a coin like theory and practice. But, an effective leader should invariably be an efficient mentor. So, successful are the leaders whose mentoring skills are high. Today, people are insisting on freedom without responsibility, liberty without conscience, justice without concern and equity without rationality. This can be attributed to lack of proper mentoring. Mentorship and leadership are indispensable to mould mankind in many directions. The influence of mentor and leader begins with the mother. Mentoring is a process of providing guidance to people for solving their problems. Leadership is a process of influencing people towards specific purposes. The deep desire of every individual is either to be a leader or a mentor. The test of civilization in a given social...
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