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Strategic Outsourcing of Human Resources   Katayoun Sadat Darbandi

Strategic Outsourcing of Human Resources

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In Today's world, many organizations are investing abundant resources to strengthen their Human Resources, gathering a team of professionals and highly experienced staff to ensure the best possible performance and thus increased value for both the stakeholders and stock holders; But with this comes a great challenge, the ever so demanding task of fulfilling the needs of the staff in all levels on one hand, and on the other, closely monitoring the expense at which the companies are facilitating these demands. Moreover, the political situation in many of the oil-producing countries has been an issue for the top level management of International oil companies. At the time of terminating a project and/or evacuating a country, there are various legal issues that needs to be addressed before taking any of its evacuations steps. These reasons amongst many others portrays a great demand of a strategic outsourcing plan, that not only gives the staff the job security, the financial...
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