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Coaching and Mentoring   Emmanuel Ezeokeke

Coaching and Mentoring

196 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
High tech leaders in the Silicon Valley, California are increasingly facing a number of challenges. The challenges include but not limited to, uncertainties, complexities, fast-changing environment for products and services as well as challenges of large-scale inter-organizational issues that contribute to employee turnover. The present research revealed a strong relationship between employee turnover and lack of adequate support programs such as mentoring and coaching. The correlational study offered innovative model of retention solutions tailored to meet the retention demands of organizations of modern enterprise. Leaders are required to change their paradigms in order to successfully deal with the issues that precipitate employee turnover. The availability of support programs, such as mentoring and coaching, are the broad theoretical areas examined. Statistical analyses were performed using multiple measures of dependent and independent variables. There were significant evidences...
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