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Knowledge sharing and Globalization   Edward Makoye and Jasinta Msamula

Knowledge sharing and Globalization

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
While the cold world war which saw its decline in the 1980’s bi-polarized the world into hostile camps, globalization has converged the two world segments through economic investments. Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) have proliferated across the globe and indeed, Africa has not been an exception. Much of the texts in knowledge transfer have embarked on how knowledge is shared between subsidiaries and/or divisional boundaries in the firms pursuing global strategies. This book anchors on the global debate about potential merits that less developed countries can grasp by fine-tuning their economic policies to permit a less regulated entrance of MNCs to invest in a diverse of industries. The findings and conclusions reached here not only add insights to the existing body of knowledge, but also contribute significantly to business managers and policy makers in Tanzania as they pursue their strategic decisions and choices regarding globalization. This book is also useful to students...
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