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Value Chain Analysis of the Service Industry:Insurance Business   Farai Chigora

Value Chain Analysis of the Service Industry:Insurance Business

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Insurance business has been a guard against life misfortunes in the past decades. The households, companies and governments have received benefits from this business. However, there is need to analyze the Value Chain of this service so that all these parties involved maximize their intended benefits. It is really crucial in developing countries like Zimbabwe as they are moving towards developed status. The developed world has maximized on the benefits from this industry and more security, certainty and confidence has been built. The focus group of this book includes business students, investors, government, lecturers and the general household. This enhances the group assess their benefits in the value chain of the insurance business for future investments. Therefore the book uses the Value Chain model by Porter in order to assess its impact in the service sector, particularly insurance business.
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