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Organizational Rightsizing   Maria Nirmala and K B Akhilesh

Organizational Rightsizing

236 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Rightsizing has emerged as a critical process in this present era of shrinking space and time, fluid market environment and disappearing borders. It is often adopted by many organizations to help them become more agile and thereby cater to the demands on efficient, parsimonious production, speedy service delivery, improved quality, and lowered costs. Though accepted as a strategic requirement of an organization, the justice aspect is often subject to much deliberation. This book highlights the rightsizing processes in four organizations and the perspectives of 727 individuals affected by the process. The impact of the rightsizing practices on their individual roles and commitment to the organization are analyzed. A framework to guide the rightsizing process is developed, validated and proposed based on a social justice perspective. Causal models of rightsizing practices and outcome through path analysis are also structured. Based on the above analysis, ...
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